5 Most Popular Boba Tea Shops in Charlotte

ding tea

1. Ding Tea

If you adore cute Kawai plushies and also a big fan of Boba tea then you must visit this shop.

ding tea
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2. Milk Cha Cha

For those who wanna have a “tea-rrific” moment! This shop promises and delivers you that undoubtedly.

Milk Cha Cha
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3. Ocha Time

Well besides boba tea , this place offers rolled ice- creams & soft serves in adorable waffle cones in shape of teddy bear , or fish.

Ocha Time

4. Binki Cafe

Not only do they serve Boba tea but also unique soft serves flavors like Yube and Cheetos in colorful waffle cones ! 

Binki Cafe Charlotte
PC: Binki Cafe Charlotte IG

5. Around The World Cafe

If you wanna tweak bit of your wanderer soul visit them. You can sip some bubble tea and while you read Atlas.

around the world
PC: Around The World
By Nairitya Ganguly

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