Unique Food Trucks In Charlotte you can’t miss

Another Food Truck

All of us love to eat out but without much pocket pinch, also eat unique cuisine without having to pay fancy bills. Well, here are some unique food trucks in & around Charlotte which are sure to make your food truck hopping experience very pleasant:

1. Lobster Dog Food Truck:

Food truck serving the Best Maine Style Lobster, Shrimp & Crab Rolls in the Carolinas Also specialize in Stuffed Avocados.

Pocket Pinch:$$

Unique for: Lobster Hot Dogs

Lobster Dog Truck
PC: Lobster Dog Truck

2. Mc Craw's Barbeque:

Wood fire Smoked Barbecue using an offset smoker (stick burner) low and slow .Offering authentic southern style brisket, ribs, ham, turkey, chicken & more. Just 15 mins drive from Charlotte.

Pocket Pinch: $$

Unique for: Wood fire smoked BBQ

MC Craws BBQ
PC: MC Craws BBQ (Visit Lake Norman)

3. 22 Street Kitchen:

 Creole Fusion Food Truck located in Charlotte, NC. Location varies , follow their FB page to know exact location

Pocket Pinch: $$

Unique for: Creol Fushion Food.

22 Street Kicthen
PC: 22 Street Kitchen (Next Door)

4. Whatza Spidies

Whatza Spiedie is a Food Truck operating in the Charlotte/ Concord NC area.They serve “Spiedies” are marinaded pork and chicken cubes.

Pocket Pinch: $$

Unique for: specially house marinated pork & chicken cubes.

Whatza Spiedie
PC: Whatza Spiedie Fb

5. Momo Truck CLT

Hand crafted delicious dumplings, spicy noodles, savory rice bowls & many more. Proudly bringing Himalayan flavors to your streets in Charlotte, NC.


Pocket Pinch: $$

Unique for: authentic Himalayan flavors.

Momo Truck
PC: Momo Truck ( Clt Storires)

6. Hiya Food Truck

Charlotte’s first gourmet Korean food truck .

Location: Charlotte, follow their Fb page to see exact location

Pocket Pinch: $$

Unique for: Bulgogi Burger.

Hiya Food Truck
PC: Hiya Food Truck (Roaming Hunger)

7. Tin:

Free style cooking & catering , famous for tacos, burritos. Multiple locations all over Charlotte.

Pocket Pinch: $

Unique for: Shrimp Taco.

Tin Kitchen Food Truck
PC: Tin Kitchen Food Truck

8. Another Food Truck

This is latest addition to Charlotte Food Trucks, serving soul authentic food like mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwich.

Pocket Pinch: $$

Unique For: dry rub ribs, jumbo shrimp, braised beef.

PC: Another Food Truck

9. Carolina Smash Truck:

Charlotte and Lake Norman based food truck specializing in gourmet grilled cheese and southern style sides.

Pocket Pinch: $$

Unique For: Grilled cheese pesto Sandwich.

PC: Carolina Smash Truck(Roaming Hunger)

10. Taco Love:

Tacos made from scratch , vibrant food truck in Charlotte & LKN area.

Pocket Pinch: $$

Unique For: Tacos made from scratch!

Taco Love
PC: Taco Love FB
By Nairitya Ganguly

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